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P90X Results and Recovery Formula

P90X Results and Recovery FormulaThe P90X Results and Recovery Formula (otherwise known as R&R) is Beachbody’s official recovery drink for use alongside P90X. This article covers:

What does a recovery drink do?

Where to buy P90X Results and Recovery Forumula

Alternatives to P90X R&R

What do recovery drinks (like P90X Results and Recovery Formula) actually do?

The purpose of all recovery drinks, including the P90X Results and Recovery Formula, is to help your body to recover better from an intense workout (and to help it to recover more quickly, too).

Why does your body need help recovering?

Well, during serious exercise, your muscles will become depleted of the glycogen stores which they use for energy. Good post-workout nutrition helps to replace the much-needed glycogen stores as well as helping your muscles to repair and rebuild themselves. Poor post-workout recovery can lead to tiredness, inability to perform well in the next workout, muscle soreness and failure of your muscles to get stronger or bigger.

The reasons we have recovery drinks such as the P90X Results and Recovery Forumula (rather than just eating), are that:

1) after a tough workout it’s easier to drink than eat

2) drinks also help replenish fluid lost (as sweat) in the workout

3) liquid is absorbed by the body more quickly than solids, so the active ingredients can get to work asap – which is what’s needed

Where to buy P90X Results and Recovery Forumula

As I write this, it is not possible to buy the P90X Results and Recovery Forumula from Beachbody, although the MD of Beachbody in the UK is working on it and expects it to be available by the end of this year (2011). I’ll update this article as soon as it becomes possible to buy it from the official sources of either, or Beachbody’s Amazon account. In the meantime, what can you use instead? Read on…

Alternatives to P90X Results and Recovery Forumula

Amongst UK P90Xers, a favourite alternative to P90X Results and Recovery Formula is Pacific Health Labs’ “Endurox R4″ in either Chocolate or Vanilla flavour. When you look at the nutritional and ingredients list, you’ll see that the formulations are very similar. A key point is that both are Dextrose-based drinks (with the exception of certain flavours of the Endurox R4).

P90X Results and Recovery Forumula has recently been changed to become a dextrose-based drink, whereas it used to be fructose-based. The reason being that dextrose absorbs into your body faster, and is chemically equivalent to glucose (the building blocks of glycogen). So as long as the flavour of Endurox R4 you choose has dextrose listed first in the ingredients list (ie: get chocolate or vanilla flavour – not the fruit punch/orange/lemon-lime flavours)…you’re getting something very similar P90X Results and Recovery Forumula.

So, keep an eye out on our Forum or this article for an update as soon as P90X Results and Recovery Forumula becomes available in the UK.

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